Firebound Products

Firebound now offers custom quality wood and acrylic products all hand-crafted by Pyros. Pens are available in four distinct styles: European, Cigar, Click and Fountain style and use parker refills which are available in any office product retail store. Each pen is hand-crafted with the finest wood grains and acrylics available and are $35.00 a piece. Ask about discounts for large quantity orders. If you would like a specific wood in a specific style, email pyros and he will custom make it to your specifications.

Cigar Pen- "Purple heart"
European-style Pen - "Cocobolo"
Cigar Pen - "Cedar"
Acrylic Click-style Pen - "Red Multi"

Perfume Pendant - "Acrylic Orange"

Perfume Pendant - "Acrylic Blue"
Perfume Pendant - "Acrylic Red"
Acrylic Click-style Pen - "Gold/Black Multi"
Cigar Pen - "Cocobolo"

Firebound Products are professionally hand crafted. Lots of time and care went into each piece and can be purchased through Pay Pal.

Questions for Pyros

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