Forged in Fire....


It is not what you do it is how well you do it.

Here is the skinny on Pyros.

I am a performance artist with 10.5 years of experiance. Simply stated: My art is Fire.

Fire-Blowing/Eating, I also do fire-torture, street performance, stage work, jokes (Don't ask), along with some juggling, and regular dance.

I can take whatever idea you have and turn it into a show that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

I will bring an intenisty to your club/show that you have not seen. I will also promise to bring it in a safe manner.*

*As a club owner or a promoter promise yourself at least this much... Make sure that the person you hire is experienced.... That will be the most important thing you can do you for yourself.


As angels sleep.

As angels sleep a dreamless slumber. The firerain falls consuming the human soul. As my angel sleeps, dreams fill her of the marrows to come. So the night is long with the hour never closer to appear the light of dawn. Still, my angel sleeps, dreaming the lights of the marrow. Outside the world in ruin, hearts on fire, cities smolder to the ground. Yet in my angel's dreams I am found. The fire licks and toils to some, the skin of mortal man will boil. In my angel's dreams I will keep. So sleep well my angel, safety will bound, as the fire rains on the ground,know I am safe.



Questions for Pyros

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