Pyros FAQ Page


So if your dumb enough here are some words of wisdom..

Pyros 10 rules:



1. If you blow fire, eat it, spit it: You will get burned it is not a question of "If" in this art but "When" and then it becomes an issue of how badly. Just imagine the worst burn you have had on or in your mouth. or worse your lungs.

2. Don't ask a fire blower what they use, There is a reason the stuff is in a bottle with a skull and cross bones on it.

3. If your going to blow fire remember to do this. Don't do it.

4 With that said If your still going to do it becareful. Practice first with water. Get your stream down . Once you can blow water then make sure you can walk and chew gum at the same time because the tricks require coordination. If you don't have any, give up, save yourself and the audience a potential nasty burn. If you can do it then research other sites. In my link section I will put some of my favorite ones, I on the other hand still feel rule 3 is the best way to go.

5. Fire should never be handled alone. Always have a friend on standby with a wet towel to put you out. If you forgot already, see rule 1.

6. Remember this: Heat burns are not the only problem you could be faced with Fire handling. Chemical burns, Pneomioa, Cancer, Rotten Teeth, Bleeding Gums, and Poisoning. Not to say that the above list is something to scare you with, but go see your doctor once with pneomioa and try to explain how you got it. Also if that does not do it for you. I was in Europe this past summer and in talking to another fire artist. I found out that 1 fire blow is equal to smoking 200 cigarettes.

7. Do not assume you know it all. Everyone here is still a student.

8. If you want to do it. First ask yourself why. Because it is cool is only a partial answer. If you can not come up with a good second part to this see rule 3.

9. Remember this. Only weird people and mothers will feel sorry for you when you get burned. (Most will shake their head at you and call you stupid/ either to your face or behind your back). So to toughen you for this STUPID.

10. Have a health insurance carrier that will cover stupid acts.

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